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    These EVs have impressive range and everyday practicality, and are reliable

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    Hybrid SUVs Starting Under $35K

    These models are all reliable and incredibly fuel-efficient

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    Hybrid SUVs $35K-$45K

    These midsized SUVs can deliver stellar fuel economy along with everyday practicality

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    Fuel-Efficient Cars Starting Under $35K

    High-scoring models that save at the pump

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    Plug-In Hybrids

    These Plug-In Hybrids provide some of the benefits of an electric car while still having a gas engine available for longer trips

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    How We Test

    Consumer Reports purchases every vehicle it tests. After 2,000 break-in miles, we put them through a battery of more than 50 tests at our 327-acre Auto Test Center before giving them a test score.

    Meet Our Experts

    Jake Fisher

    Senior Director Auto Testing Center

    Tested Attributes

    City Fuel Economy

    Using a precise inline fuel meter, we adhere to strict driving protocols through a simulated an urban environment at our 327-acre test facility.

    Highway Fuel Economy

    This is measured in two directions on public highways at a steady 65 mpg.

    Green Choice

    This designation highlights the top 20 percent of vehicles on the market with the cleanest emissions.