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Current Projects

Credit Checkup 2024

It's time for your checkup! Your credit report can make or break your financial future. Getting a home loan, how much you pay for auto insurance, whether you’ll land that new job — all can be affected by your credit report. By checking yours, and reporting back on what you find, you can help Consumer Reports advocate for improving the credit reporting process.

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Marketplace Watchdog

When our testing finds unsafe products, we get commitments from online marketplaces to remove the products from their sites. Now we want to make sure that is happening. Join the team tracking down these violations and getting them removed.

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EV Charging Infrastructure

EV adoption is a major piece of the larger infrastructure change we need to help combat climate change. CR is examining public charging stations -- your research can lead to a better public charging experience for consumers across the country.

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Fight for Fair Internet

As we push for more affordable and fair broadband for all, more than 50,000 consumers took internet speed tests, told us about their service, and shared 22,000 internet bills for an in-depth examination of our nation’s broadband service. Our findings: hard evidence of arbitrary pricing for the same internet service; confusing and mysterious billing tactics; and having a choice of internet providers lowers consumers’ costs.

Surveillance Study

Hundreds of companies sell and share your data, and we set out to understand who they are. Community Reporters contributed data that allowed us to investigates which companies are selling and sharing your information with Facebook behind your back.

Protecting Your Personal Data

Consumer Reports helped pass a groundbreaking law in California that gives residents the right to access, delete, and stop the sale of their personal information online. We used our findings from consumer feedback about the law to create Permission Slip, a new app that allows consumers to easily ask companies to stop sharing their data.

How Safe is Our Drinking Water?

Consumer Reports and The Guardian partnered with Community Reporters across the country to test tap water for dangerous contaminants. Discover what we found, and what we can do together, to clean up our water.

Ending Hidden Fees

Thousands of Community Reporters provided their cable TV bills to help analyze the long list of hidden fees on customers' bills. This evidence spurred Congress to pass a law requiring cable companies tell consumers exactly what they'll pay upfront – with no hidden fees – before signing a contract.

Credit Checkup

Based on more than 7,000 consumers checking their credit reports, Consumer Reports discovered that credit reports are rife with errors and and that credit bureaus sometimes charge unfairly for services. We’re fighting for permanent free access to credit reports so errors can be caught and fixed.