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    Microwave oven Ratings

    Go beyond defrosting, reheating, and popping popcorn! The heat is on as microwave ovens now feature smart technology, convection, and faster speeds.

    View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best microwave ovens.

    Countertop microwave ovens (73)

    The price and easy installation of countertop microwaves is appealing. Just plug one into an ordinary outlet. But be aware that they eat up counter space, so zero in on each model's usable capacity in our ratings.

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    Over-the-range microwave ovens (68)

    These models free up counter space. But although they can be vented to the outside, don't expect an over-the-range microwave to vent as well as a range hood. Installation might require an electrician.

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    All Ratings

    Our microwave oven tests found big differences in overall performance among models. To test heating we warm up mashed potatoes, and we use frozen ground beef to test defrosting. We also test speed of heating, noise, and ease of use. We measure usable capacity, too. (Manufacturers often include space you can't use.) Plus we test how well the over-the-range models vent.