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    Privacy is a right!

    Your data is collected, bought and sold without your knowledge or consent. This enables powerful interests to shape the information you see, the prices you pay, and even the opportunities you get.

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    We think consumers need far more control over who uses their data, and for what purpose. Here's how we are working for you:

    Advocating for laws that ensure that companies use your data only for the things that you have agreed to let them do.


    Increasing transparency about the data practices of companies you interact with, and how you can exercise your rights.

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    Facebook Facial Recognition Settings: A CR Success Story

    When the Federal Trade Commission hit Facebook with a $5 billion penalty for its privacy failures in July, the FTC cited CR's investigation into problems with Facebook's facial recognition settings as one of the major examples of the company's privacy lapses. In September, Facebook updated the settings to address the issues identified by CR.

    Case Study

    The issue

    In 2017, Facebook announced a new setting to give consumers control over their facial recognition data. But as CR discovered, many users were never given access to the setting

    What CR did

    CR observed Facebook users as they navigated their accounts. Several lacked the Face Recognition setting. This confirmed that many users had no clear way to opt out of one of the world's  largest name-face databases 

    The result

    • Facebook agreed to roll out controls to all users
    • The Federal Trade Commission cited the CR research in announcing its record $5 billion settlement with Facebook
    • The FTC settlement imposed new facial recognition protections on the company
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