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    Coffee Maker Ratings

    Start your day with a good cup of joe. Coffee makers vary among drip, single-serve, and specialty models with features and conveniences to brew your daily fix.

    View our ratings and reviews and browse our buying guide to find the best coffee makers.

    Drip Coffee Makers (96)

    With automatic-drip machines, the most popular type, you fill a chamber with water, load coffee into a filter basket, and flip a switch to heat the water and run it through the grounds and typically into the pot.

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    Single-Serve Coffee Makers (35)

    These force water through a small packet, either a hard-shelled capsule or a soft pod resembling a tea bag. Some accept an adapter that takes your favorite loose grounds.

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    Dual Coffee Makers (13)

    A dual coffee maker is a double brewing station that has both a drip and single-serve option. These two-in-one machines are good for people who want some versatility in their coffee routine and will take advantage of both options.

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    Specialty Coffee Makers (2)

    These machines brew differently from the standard drip method. Some mimic traditional French presses, suspending the coffee grounds in hot water for a period of time before filtering.

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    Espresso Makers (1)

    Our espresso maker ratings include scores for taste, frothing ability, weight, and convenience. We evaluate convenience by looking at what is involved to set up and brew a cup of espresso, the noise and vibration of the espresso maker, how easy it is to clean, and more.

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    Cold-Brew Coffee Makers (7)

    These machines use cold or room-temperature water and brew a concentrated coffee that you then dilute with cold water and/or ice (or with hot water for hot coffee).

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    All Ratings

    For many of us, the daily grind can't begin until we've had that first cup of piping hot coffee—so the right brewer is at the top of the list. The most basic coffee makers make at least a decent cup, but a little more money buys conveniences such as programmability, a thermal carafe to keep coffee hot longer, settings that let you adjust brew strength, and more.