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    Best Cars and SUVs for Tall People

    These tested models can comfortably accommodate drivers over 6 feet tall

    Tall Driver Kia Soul
    The Kia Soul is a smart choice for taller drivers.
    Consumer Reports

    Choosing the best vehicle for your needs means ensuring a good fit, a particular concern if you’re a tall driver. All the performance data in the world can’t overcome the fact that just like people, cars come in all shapes and sizes.

    Consumer Reports uses a range of test drivers to assess driver comfort, including short and tall staff members. Each participant in this jury evaluates access, driving position, front-seat comfort, and visibility.

    The results are tabulated to create composite scores that are presented on our car model pages, where CR members can find our complete road tests and survey results.

    But to help tall drivers find the cars and SUVs that may fit them best, we focused on the specific results from our tallest drivers.

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    “When judging cars, I pay particular attention to the balance of legroom, headroom, and comfortable reach to the steering wheel," says Ryan Pszczolkowski, CR’s tire program manager, who’s 6 feet, 2 inches tall. “Having a steering wheel that can tilt and telescope makes a big difference.”

    Pszczolkowski says tall drivers don’t necessarily have to buy a bigger vehicle to find comfort. And he cautions that some models give drivers space at the expense of room for rear passengers. It’s important to see how a car will work for your specific needs before buying, and that often means taking the whole family to the dealership for a fitting.

    To steer you in the right direction, we’ve identified the best cars and SUVs for tall drivers in several size classes. Within each class, we also list the next best alternative when there is another clear standout. We omitted the large SUV class because none are currently CR Recommended. Measurements and comfort ratings can be compared on model pages linked to from the ratings boxes below.

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    Tall Driver Kia Soul
    The Kia Soul continues to stand out for being particularly inviting to taller drivers, like 6'2" Ryan Pszczolkowski, CR's tire program manager.

    Consumer Reports Consumer Reports

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