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    Our Partners

    You Are Our No. 1 Partner.

    We work side by side with consumers to create a fairer, safer, and healthier world. Whether it’s fearlessly reporting the facts, providing trustworthy services, or taking action that protects and defends consumers, we reach far and wide to put consumers first and improve the marketplace. To achieve our mission, we also work with experts, companies, advocates, and institutions, screening and securing partnerships that work for consumers and meet our high standards.

    From time to time, Consumer Reports partners with outside organizations to deliver additional services and insights to our members. We combine these services with our best-in-class consumer-education resources to provide consumers with essential guidance and information, always making clear what is being provided by one of our partners.

    Consumer Reports digs into the facts, working with other journalism and investigative reporting groups to cover some of the most important news for consumers. These editorial partnerships often trigger companies and governments to take positive action in remedying the problem.

    Consumer Reports allows for the licensing of our content so that you can enjoy our information and learn more about our ratings and reviews across a variety of channels-- and directly from us. Granting permission to license and distribute our content does not constitute our endorsement of any product or service.

    Consumer Reports partners with a diverse community of philanthropists, foundations, and nonprofits to push for a fairer, safer, and healthier marketplace. These innovative and ambitious partnerships have allowed us to address pressing consumer issues.

    Consumer Reports participates in and works with other consumer organizations and industry consortia, to help guide and advance issues related to consumer safety, testing, research, standard-setting, and advocacy.