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Cover Story

Produce Without Pesticides
Some of our favorite fruits and vegetables carry unhealthy levels of chemicals. CR's exclusive ratings reveal how to get the benefits from these foods while minimizing your risk.
6 Fruits and Vegetables Loaded With Pesticides
What to know about these problem produce items, plus smart substitutions you can make
How to Protect Yourself From Pesticides in Produce
What to know about washing, peeling, and more
How to Save on Organic Produce
Buying organic is a good option if you want to avoid pesticides—but it can be expensive. Here's how to spend less.
Tracking Pesticides in Our Food for Over 80 Years
Here are major moments in CR's long history of fighting for safer fruits and vegetables

Special Section

Big Home Energy Upgrades That Pay Off
The up-front costs can be daunting, but investing in new energy technology now can save you big bucks in the future
Lower Your Home Energy Bills Right Now
You could save over $1,000 a year by making just a few of these easy, low-cost changes around the house


Keep Your Car in Great Shape
Advice for where to get your car repaired, and how the right maintenance will save you lots of money
How to Save Money on Car Repairs
Maintenance tips from CR's experts
Your Car Maintenance Checklist
A guide to common services and their price ranges
Secrets to a Cleaner Car
Expert tips on washing, cleaning wheels and tires, and waxing

CR Health

How to Track Your Health at Home
Blood pressure monitor? Fitness tracker? Cholesterol tests? Here's what you need and what you can skip.
Checking the Claims on Home Health Products
Is that at-home medical test useful or just marketing hype? Here are some strategies that can help you tell the difference.

CR Money

Credit Cards With the Best Perks
The right cards can put hundreds—even thousands—of dollars back in your pocket


Get Around Town More Easily
Whether you're grabbing some groceries or biking across town, we have the tips and tools to take you there

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