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    Best Robotic Lawn Mowers

    You’ve already ditched your vacuum for a robot. Is it time to ditch your push lawn mower, too? 

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    Husqvarna Automower 415X, Robomow RK4000, EcoFlow ZMH100 B US V20, and Gardena 15201 41 SILENO Minimo robotic mowers on grass
    All four robotic lawn mowers we tried were quieter than traditional lawn mowers, but all of the robot models had a few disadvantages.
    Photo: Scott Meadows/Consumer Reports

    Ah, the sweet arrival of spring. The birds are chirping, trees are flowering, and the lawn is starting to green again. With its arrival, spring, and summer soon after, welcome the return of an outdoor chore you may have forgotten about since last season: mowing the lawn.

    Some love the time they get to spend outside, headphones or noise-blocking earmuffs on, breathing in the scent of freshly cut grass. Others prefer to leave the task to a professional, though it could be pricey if you have a lot of ground to cover. A third option is keeping a few grazing animals at home, but if you don’t have those, is there another option for maintaining the lawn? Maybe.

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    Robotic lawn mowers offer a solution to the weekly chore of mowing the lawn. They require some initial work on your part to set up and the usual pickup of rocks and other small debris before each mowing session, but they offer an enticing promise of giving you your precious time back. They are customizable and though the initial cost of the machine is steep, they can save you money in the long run. 

    We lightly tested four models on the lawns of our Yonkers facility to see if they were worth trying at home. Our tester evaluated each robot lawn mower for its performance, safety features, ease of use, battery run time, and more.

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